Brandon Valery is a multifaceted visual artist, executive director, educator, youth advocate, and entrepreneur. 

Respected in his field, Valery is well known for collection of fine art posters —Father & Son being one of his most popular prints to date. 

Born in 1981 in NYC’s untamed BK streets and raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Valery was fascinated by the raw, visceral street life of Brooklyn. He attended the John Dewey High School and complemented his education on the streets by reading up on his Black History. Valery went on to Pratt Institute, where he pursued a B.F.A. in Illustration and taught Capoeira in the New York City Public Schools for ten years. 

Starting in the world of commercial art, Valery designed and illustrated myriad projects, from skateboards and CD covers to advertising campaigns. He developed the look and feel of many upcoming entrepreneurs locally. 

Valery’s paintings and limited edition prints continue to sell locally and abroad.  He  was the host of the Ele.Mental Radio Show on WPIR and worked with African centered arts organization such as, Ifetayo, PurElements, and Asase Yaa, teaching visual arts, rites of passage and capoeira. 

As a longtime capoeirista and youth advocate, In October 2019 Valery created his own arts organization called The Ka Arts, providing Saturday arts programs, such as Yoga and capoeira to children and teens. The Ka Arts seeks to be the catalyst in igniting curiosity, awareness, and vision in every soul, supporting the growth of intelligent and healthy individuals within all communities. Valery is a proud member of the Ilê De Palmares Capoeira Angola Group under the leadership of Contra Mestre Omi.

Luxôry Bklyn takes Valery’s appreciation for Ancient History and his modern approach to style and delivers an athleisure style for fashion forward folks of the African diaspora. He called it “Ancient Wisdom + Modern Style”.