Who we are

What is the meaning of KA?

The Ka is an important symbol in Ancient Kemetic cosmology, meaning soul. The ka spirits represented the conscience that leads the person to compassion, honor and most especially righteousness. In some, it is depicted as vigor, youth and anything that the person was believed to be desirable and right most especially eternal life.

Our Mission

The Ka Arts seeks to be the catalyst in igniting curiosity, awareness and vision in every soul, supporting the growth of intelligent and healthy individuals within all communities. 

What is Capoeira?

Invented by enslaved Africans in Brazil, Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art disguiesd as a dance. Influenced by a blend of martial arts and dances from diverse African cultures, Capoeira was practiced as a hidden, playful game to fool the slave owners.

Why Capoeira for you?

Capoeira is distinguished by the incorporation of acrobatics and dance movements and the intergration of music in the practice. The way dance is incorporated makes it a fun and productive work out experience. 

Benefits of Capoeira: Relieves stress, improves confidence, self-esteem, and concentration. It also improves balance, coordination and creativity.

Sunday Arts Program

The Sunday Capoeira program is built on youth development and the African cultural arts. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, leadership, focus, discipline and enrichment. 

In-School Programs

We teach Capoeira to children 

of all ages, in many of the New York City Public & Charter Schools. Capoeira is another medium in which we use to share our vibrant and creative  spirits with our communities.